McCann: MoD ‘duty of care’ argument ridiculous

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Eamonn McCann says the Ministry of Defence’s profession that it has a “duty of care” to fund former soldiers in their legal challenge to the PSNI murder inquiry into the events of Bloody Sunday ignores that it is not a legal requirement for it to do so.

“An employer doesn’t have to back employees up if they are being investigated for a serious crime like murder. The idea is ridiculous,” he said.

“Any reasonable person will agree that the fact that it’s a murder inquiry should have taken precedence,” said Mr McCann.

He went on to ask: “How can Cameron, Villiers and the rest expect paramilitary groups to come clean about their pasts when they see the government cover-up of the British army’s past in front of their eyes.

“This is a betrayal of victims on all sides. Cameron’s Government is using ‘national security’ as a reason for refusing to release evidence, and the concept of ‘duty of care’ to pull the plug on police inquiries.

“They are complete hypocrites - denouncing ‘terror’ while sparing no effort to protect those whom they sent out to inflict terror on others.”