McCann concerned over dump flood plain

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Eamonn McCann has expressed public health concerns after it was revealed some of the rubbish illegally dumped on the banks of the Faughan at Mobuoy will remain buried in the ground as a flood compensation scheme for the A6 road.

“The amount of waste on the site is estimated by officials to be 1.5million tonnes. But this takes no account of an unknown volume of waste buried under two large ‘lakes.’

“The gases being released are seen bubbling on the surface of these. At its closest point, the waste is within five metres of the River Faughan,” said the People Before Profit spokesman.

“Some two thirds of Derry’s drinking water is taken from downstream of this ‘super dump’ according to the DRD,” he said.

“In March 2014 the Assembly supported a Sinn Fein motion for a public inquiry to be held into illegal waste crime and the role played by DOE Planning in facilitating waste crime by its lax approach to enforcement. Yet a year and ten months later, there’s no sign of the Inquiry being set up.

“The Faughan anglers, the residents of the area around the dump site and the people of Derry are entitled to be told what is going on. People Before Profit has been campaigning for some years now for the full truth about how this appalling situation has has been allowed to happen and for the culprits to be brought to book. Now we all need to start campaigning to make sure that the site is cleaned up.”