Mayor: NW has not seen dividend from the peace process

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The Mayor of Londonderry says the lack of political progress in Northern Ireland is infuriating and that her native city hasn’t seen a dividend from the peace process.

Brenda Stevenson has also said that eliminating child poverty would be her number one political aspiration.

In a one-to-one with a local media outlet, the Mayor said political stasis and the effect this has had on the economic development of the North West angers her.

“We have had relative peace since the Good Friday Agreement but have not seen the dividend of the peace process in the North West,” she stated.

She was also asked if she was granted one wish in life what it would be.

“To erase child poverty in our city, make sure everyone has a job and a good quality of life. We still have so many problems in our city and whilst we work hard to try and eradicate them at times it would be nice to have a magic that I could wave that would fix all our problems.”