Mayor apologises to Devenney

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Alderman Maurice Devenney has welcomed the apology given by the Mayor, Elisha McCallion, for what he called “inappropriate comments” which appeared on social media recently.

At Thursday’s full council meeting standing orders were suspended to discuss the attacks on cars and property in Cityside and the bomb attacks in Strabane and those at the Army Camp and Probation Office in Londonderry.

“There was total support for the condemnation by all political parties in the chamber with the notable exception of some councillors. In my condemnation I also raised the issue of inappropriate comments on social media made by the current mayor and received an apology,” he said.

“I have since been approached by a number of people in the unionist community who feel that it did not go far enough, who believe the mayor should consider her position. Her comments ‘What do the low lives of this town think they will achieve by attacking respected republicans from our city. Are they that thick if the Brits couldn’t break us I doubt they can. Grow up and go away’ in my opinion, were the wrong tone of language to come from the first citizen in Londonderry and Strabane, who is supposed to be a Mayor representing everyone.

“These type of comments would not be accepted from the Unionist community I represent.

“I was surprised when I got the apology,” he said.