Marrieds to race singles up the Foyle

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As part of YMCA Week, celebrating 171 years of YMCA in Ireland, Londonderry YMCA are canoeing the full length of the River Foyle on Saturday, June 6.

The event which will take the form of a challenge between Married and Single will start at Lifford Bridge at 11am and finish at Culmore Point at approx. 4.30pm. The canoes are 12 person and the skippers are Andy Tate and Kris Dunn.

Kris said: “While I’m looking forward to the event I know it will be tough on the day. The other canoe are all young people and very fit so to compete we will need to be at our best”.

When asked if he had taken on any additional training for the event Andy said “I’ve issued diet sheets to all my team as we think weight will be important”.

The event is part of YMCA week and during the week events will be held in all YMCA’s including a world record attempt on the most penalty kicks in an hour.

The YMCA movement has been operating in Ireland since 1844 and in the City since 1856. We are using this event to raise funds to support our work with young people across the North West. If you would like to see the event we will be coming through the City at about 3.30pm passing under the bridges and along the waterfront. If you like to support the event financially you can send a cheque to YMCA, 51 Glenshane Road, Drumahoe BT47 3SF.

YMCA Week will be taking place June 1-6 to celebrate the year’s achievements. It will link with the International YMCA Global Challenge on our ‘Movement’s” 171st birthday, 6th June. Lots of events have been planned from Cobh to Londonderry, including the opening of new buildings, celebrating birthdays, launching of reports and Fun days . Want to know what’s happening? Visit: