Man rescued from River Foyle

Foyle Search and Rescue
Foyle Search and Rescue

A rescue operation was mounted in Londonderry last night after a man was spotted in the River Foyle.

At 10.10pm the Police Service of Northern Ireland activated Foyle Search and Rescue’s Emergency Response Team following reports of a person observed in the water.

The charity have said that land crews plus two boats responded to the location on arrival observing a male as reported.

FS&R has posted on its Facebook page: “Members of Foyle Search & Rescues Land crew along with Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service gained access to the male and brought him safely to shore.

“Police Service of Northern Ireland were also on scene, FSR crews were then stood down.”

It was recently reported that the Foyle Search & Rescue have been involved in over 100 operations within the first five months of 2017.

By May 22, a total of 32 people had been rescued from the river’s edge in Londonderry, while a further five by that date had been rescued from the river alive.