Machine blamed for leaving ‘London’ off the Londonderry on dole letter addresses

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East Londonderry MLA Gregory Campbell wrote to his DUP colleague, Nelson McCausland, then Social Development Minister, on August 8, 2013, after constituents received letters from the Social Security Agency (SSA) with the ‘London’ omitted from the ‘Londonderry’ on the address section.

“I have received complaints from constituents regarding their address on correspondence received from the SSA,” he wrote.

“On occasions the constituent’s address on letters from SSA is printed as ‘Co Derry’ instead of the correct name - Co Londonderry.

“Can you ensure that staff at the SSA use correct place names when addressing letters to constituents?”

SSA Chief Executive Thomas O’Reilly replied that it was a machine’s fault.

Mr O’Reilly apologised explaining the addresses were automatically generated by a computer, which “may not always reflect customer preferences.”