Lord Hay of Ballyore says there will be no Stormont deal by November 6

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One of the DUP’s most senior political representatives, Willie Hay, has predicted James Brokenshire’s latest November 6 deadline for an agreement to restore power-sharing at Stormont, will come and go with no deal.

The DUP grandee said he was saddened by his own gloomy prognosis but said Sinn Féin’s insistence on an Irish Language Act was a deal-breaker for his party.

The former Stormont speaker said there was “an urgency to resolve the current big impasse” but, despite this, there would be no resolution.

“The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has set a new deadline of November 6. However, that deadline will pass and there will be no resolution,” said the Londonderry DUP strategist.

Ironically, the Donegal-native who was born in Milford, a few miles south of the Fanad Gaeltacht, said the DUP would not agree to an Irish Language Act

Speaking in the House of Lords, where his title Lord Hay of Ballyore derives from the Irish for goldtown in a nod to his former Newbuildings heartland which was planted by the London goldsmiths in the 1600s, he said: “It is sad for me to have to say that in this House. Negotiations are all about compromise but one political party in Northern Ireland is insisting on a take-it-or-leave-it approach and is saying very clearly that there has to be a stand-alone Irish language Act or there will be nothing.

“I say to that party in that case there will be nothing. The Government need to look at other methods of properly informing politicians in Northern Ireland about Brexit. I say to them that there is a feeling in Northern Ireland that politicians are not being properly informed.”