Londonderry IRSP member: No working class struggle without national liberation struggle

Martin McMonagle (IRSP).
Martin McMonagle (IRSP).

Leading Londonderry Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) member, Martin McMonagle, declared there can be “no working class struggle without a national liberation struggle” during an address at the GPO at the weekend.

Mr McMonagle, who sits on the party’s national executive, was joined by fellow Londonderry IRSP members Tommy McCourt and Terry Robeson, in Dublin, for the party’s 1916 centenary commemorations on Saturday.

Delivering the main address, Mr McMonagle, said: “James Connolly was first and foremost a revolutionary socialist, but within the Irish context he realised that the freedom struggle had to take precedent at that time. We can clearly see that rationale in his last statement to the British court marshal which sentenced him to death.”

He continued: “As Connolly and his comrades in 1916 set the context that there can be no working class struggle without a national liberation struggle, that was the main tenet of Connolly’s politics in 1916 and it is still ours today.

“Our political outlook is moulded in the ethos of revolutionary socialism, without losing sight of the goal of a united Ireland who’s sovereignty is in the ownership of the people of Ireland.”