Limavady councillor steps down after 29 years

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The longest serving councillor in the history of the Limavady Borough stepped down after his final meeting last night, drawing to a close almost 29 years’ service.

George Robinson, who is to continue in his role as a DUP MLA for East Londonderry, stepped down amid well wishes from his political colleagues and opponents at last night’s meeting to be replaced by Edgar Scott.

Speaking last night, Mr Robinson said: “Today marks another landmark in my political career as I leave Limavady Borough Council. I am keen to stress though that I will still be MLA for East Londonderry, so anyone requiring assistance can be assured that help will still be available my office in Catherine Street.

“In my 29 years as a Councillor, I have had the privilege to help people from throughout the Borough with a wide range of problems, and from my first election in 1985 with 268 votes in the Limavady Town ward to my last election in Bellarena ward with 1,016 will forever be humbling experiences.

“I have to say my greatest honour was to be elected Mayor of this superb Borough in the period 2002 -2003. This was a busy year but one which will forever be the source of many happy memories for me. “I was also deeply honoured to have been elected Deputy Mayor on three occasions, all this on top of serving as a member of various committees and being chair of three during my years on council.

“While I will miss participating in Limavady Borough Council, I am sure that my role as an MLA will continue to bring plenty of work for me, which as always I will endeavour to bring to a satisfactory conclusion.

“I am relieved that I am able to pass the baton of responsibility on Council to my friend and colleague, and soon to be Councillor, Edgar Scott. Edgar has worked in my office for over three years and has proven credentials as a hard and dedicated worker for the people.

“I wish my colleagues well as this new era dawns and assure them of my support if any matter needs to be advanced to a higher level. I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone who supported me in my council career, especially the electorate and council officers. I was proud and privileged to serve the entire borough over my 29 years” he concluded.

His fellow DUP branch members thanked Mr Robinson for his long and valued service as councillor for the area. Branch spokesperson, David Gilmour said: “Since George was elected in 1985, he has proven himself to be a faithful and loyal servant of all the people of Limavady Borough. The increase in his council vote, by four times over his years of service, is proof of the respect and admiration in which he is held.

“This respect applies across any and all sections of our community because he served all sections of the community. As a branch, we must also acknowledge the great support George received from his wife Anne and his family over the years, with his son Alan now also being a Limavady Councillor sharing his father’s work ethic and standards.

“It is a rare achievement for one person to be able to build personal, and a party’s, support to such an extent that its representation goes from one Councillor to three, and this is the case for the DUP in Limavady.

“This success was all based on the hard work and connection to the Limavady people from George Robinson. He has taught us all that hard work and honesty are the best policies when dealing with constituents. It is on this basis that we believe George leaves a big hole to fill on Limavady Borough Council. For his 29 years of loyal service to Limavady as a Councillor we extend a big and sincere thank you to George.

“As Chairperson of the local DUP Branch, George has guided us well and has proven himself to be a loyal and true friend to us all. We are delighted that he will still be our MLA such is the value that we all place upon his advice, leadership and friendship.

“We are also delighted that we have such an able successor for George being appointed, Edgar Scott. Edgar is known and respected by us all and we wish him well as he takes on his new duties as Councillor Scott.”