Letter: TV licence conviction rate 99%

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Dear Sir,

A recent article (Hike in viewers done for TV Licence Evasion, August 10) says “Two hundred and sixty five prosecutions for TV licence evasion were either dropped or thrown out in Londonderry last year.”

This article implies that TV Licensing lost those cases which is to misunderstand our courts process. If a defendant is a first time offender and buys a licence before the case is heard, TV Licensing will apply to withdraw the case unless there are aggravating circumstances.

We withdraw a large number of cases before the court hears them as we would prefer people to buy a licence rather than be prosecuted.

TV Licensing’s conviction rate is 99 per cent and we will only prosecute as a last resort when we have exhausted all other options.

We do everything we can to help people stay licensed and provide a wide range of ways to pay.

Last year, TV Licensing worked with more than 460 organisations to offer advice and support to people who, for financial reasons, might find it hard to stay licensed.

For further information on TV Licensing please visit tvlicensing.co.uk/info.
Yours faithfully,

Ellen Wright

TV Licensing

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