Letter: Tight border gone for good but BREXIT a live issue

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Dear editor,

I refer to your paper’s recent pieces ‘BREXIT could destabilise NI and see dragon’s teeth returning’ (December 19) and ‘Leave.eu dismisses BREXIT NI instability warning as scaremongering’ (December 21).

Your correspondent is correct to note that the EUdebateNI briefing paper I edited poses questions about the possible implications of the forthcoming UK referendum on whether to remain in or leave the European Union. Your headline writer and Leave.eu have, however, mischievously read far more into the questions than is there; Leave.eu in a misguided and groundless attempt to label the paper as scaremongering.

Among the questions posed are ones which ask what would happen with the border in the event of a possible Brexit. The briefing paper does not argue that dragon’s teeth could return, nor does it maintain that a Brexit would threaten insecurity and sealed borders. It poses questions.

These questions - and others - need to be asked, and advocates of remaining in the EU and of leaving it need to provide answers and be challenged on them so that we in Northern Ireland can have an informed debate. That is the purpose of the EUdebateNI paper.

Yours sincerely

David Phinnemore

Professor of European Politics, QUB.