Letter: Nelson Drive park

Dear Sir,

Due to the sub standard park facilities in the Nelson Drive area, I feel the need to write this letter. The play park, adjacent to the football pitch, has got to be the most run down facility of its kind under the remit of Derry City Council.

For an area of this size with a lot of young children I think it an absolute disgrace there’s not even a working slide and any item currently within the park has been patched up many times rather than replaced years ago.

Funding has been promised many times but has been spent elsewhere. Why? There is also the problem of the park not being cleaned on a Monday and Thursday as promised by DCC.

Only last week the play area was filled with glass on the Sunday but despite numerous calls by residents to DCC it took until Thursday and a call to the Waterside DUP office for the debris to be finally lifted. I am not asking for our children to be treated any different from any other area but it would be very welcome if all children were treated equally.

Disgruntled parent.