Leave.eu dismisses BREXIT NI instability warning as scaremongering

A cross-partisan and cross-sectoral alliance calling for a United Kingdom exit from the European Union has dismissed a warning that such a move could destabilise Northern Ireland as ‘scaremongering’.

The Sentinel recently reported on a briefing paper that was developed in partnership with academic experts from the Queen’s University, Belfast and University College Cork, and, which warned that elements of the Belfast Agreement might have to be torn up if ‘BREXIT’ takes place.

The paper also suggested the border between Londonderry and Donegal may be tightened in the event of ‘BREXIT’ with implications for peace-building, whilst citizens’ rights, freedom of movement, trade, market access, farm and fishing subsidies and gender equality legislation may all be adversely affected.

But a spokesman for the Leave.EU lobby group has dismissed the briefing paper as scaremongering.

The spokesperson said: “Of all the absurd scare stories EU supporters are putting about concerning ‘BREXIT’, the ones threatening insecurity and sealed borders in Northern Ireland are the most unforgivable.

“Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic have been part of a wider Common Travel Are since 1923, for goodness’ sake.”

“It’s no surprise to find that this paper was edited by an academic who has received grants to teach European integration through the Jean Monnet programme, with a post at the EU-funded College of Europe to boot.”

The spokesperson said a poll would be in the best interests of ordinary citizens throughout the United Kingdom.

“This referendum should be about what’s best for ordinary people, not groups with vested interests.”