Killeen urges steps to limit Brexit damage

Gavin Killeen, Chamber President.
Gavin Killeen, Chamber President.

The President of the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce Gavin Killeen has expressed sadness at the United Kingdom electorate’s decision to leave the European Union and has called on political leaders to take steps to limit the “economic damage” he sees unfolding as a result of Brexit.

Mr Killeen said: “While we fear that the result will be economic damage, we call on our political leaders to establish arrangements that limit this damage. We call on the UK government, the Irish government and the EU to work together to find common sense ways forward. It is essential to provide reassurance to businesses and investors.

“This means that we need to know as soon as possible what will happen to Northern Ireland’s borders with the Republic and with Great Britain.

“We need to know what the future cross-border travel rules will be and what, if any, customs controls will be put in place. We also need to know as a matter of urgency what relationship there will be between the UK and the European single market.

“Uncertainty is damaging to businesses and we call on our political representatives to do all they can to limit the uncertainty that the referendum vote has caused.

“The North West region is the most economically deprived region of the UK, the vote to Leave the European Union will have a greater impact here that on any other region in the UK.

“During this period of uncertainty, it is imperative that the NI Executive speeds up major projects that will support our businesses. We need the expansion of the University to be given priority as well as the immediate commencement of A6 and A5 road projects. This region needs more investment and needs more jobs if our children are to have any future.

“We will be anxious to see what actions and assurances that will be given to this region by the various governing bodies.”