Kee thanks team and family for support

INNL-ULSTER_UNIONISTS--------------julia kee.JPG
INNL-ULSTER_UNIONISTS--------------julia kee.JPG

Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) candidate Julia Kee said it wasn’t always easy being the only woman candidate in the Foyle election race whilst thanking her team and family for their support during her campaign.

“I would like to thank the team that worked with me throughout the campaign. It’s my first cmapaign and to be the only woman candidate on the campaign it can be difficult at times,” she said.

The Ulster Unionist candidate polled 1,226, which was down a percentage point in share compared with 2010.

Alliance candidate David Hawthorne polled 835, which was a relative success for the party locally.

Speaking from the podium Mr Hawthorne commented: “The Alliance Party, in this election, we are a small party but we have managed to triple our vote in this election and we think that that progress can continue to be made and there is an opportunity for Alliance to develop and grow across Northern Ireland.”