'˜Journal' helps reunite family across oceans and after 58 years

Just like in an old episode of '˜Surprise, Surprise', the '˜Journal' has done a '˜Cilla Black' and helped reunite long-lost Drumsurn cousins who haven't seen one other in nearly sixty years and now live on opposite sides of the Atlantic.

Saturday, 22nd July 2017, 9:00 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:17 pm

The ‘Journal’ received a visit from Josephine Gordon née Lamb this week.She believes George Lamb, a resident of Arlington, Texas, who just before Christmas asked for our help in tracing his relatives in Derry, is her cousin.

George, aged 81, told us he was looking for his namesake, the son of his uncle Jimmy Lamb, who happened to be Josephine’s brother and father respectively.

Josephine, aged 74, who lives in Limavady, didn’t see the article at the time but got word of it, and eventually hot-footed it up to the ‘Journal’ to see if we could help her.

“We [Josephine and her brother George] only met him once when my father was alive. Now that’s going back over 58 years ago,” she said.

“George [her cousin] had moved to England and got married but he must have moved to Texas. My brother still lives in Limavady. I met George once, when I was about 12 year old, so you’re going back 62 years, maybe more. I didn’t know he went to America. It is nice. He was a lovely big chap. It’s a surprise to me because I knew he went down into England but I never knew he went that far.”

The ‘Journal’ has happily passed on Josephine’s contact details to George in America in the hope that a proper reunion can be organised some day.