Irish Street to host second meeting of ex-prisoner project

Nigel Gardiner of EPIC.
Nigel Gardiner of EPIC.

EPIC North Ulster is hosting the second meeting of a groundbreaking ‘From Prison to Peace’ project in Irish street community centre on Wednesday, April 2, at 7pm.

Six groups - representing former UVF, UDA, IRA and INLA prisoners - are involved in the peace-building initiative.

These are An Eochair (representing former Official IRA prisoners), Charter NI (representing former UDA prisoners), Epic Belfast and Epic North Ulster (representing former UVF prisoners), Teach Na Failte (representing former INLA prisoners) and Coiste na n-Iarchimí (representing former Provisional IRA prisoners).

The groups are involved with the Citizenship Programme in partnership with the Education Department of Queens University, and go into schools across Northern Ireland to tell their stories.

Former prisoners talk about their lives upon release from prison and their engagement with their communities.

They also talk about what they are delivering to their communities both on single identity, cross community, cross border and international issues.