Investing in tots’ mental health prevents murder and violence: Scottish detective

A SCOTTISH detective will tell a seminar in Londonderry on Thursday, March 7, how investing in infant mental health can prevent individuals engaging in murder and serious violence in later life.

Detective Chief Superintendent John Carnochan, who established a ground breaking police unit in Glasgow to address the root causes of violence in society, has been invited by the Western Trust to the seminar in the City Hotel.

Alongside fellow director Karyn McCluskey, he established the Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) within the Strathclyde Police back in January 2005.

The unit is dedicated towards developing a strategy to bring about sustainable reductions in violence within Strathclyde.

Now Chief Superintendent Carnochan has been invited to Londonderry to speak on the importance of early years intervention to prevent the chance of individuals committing murder and serious violence in later life.

According to the Western Trust, which is organising the event in the City Hotel: “John’s work is influenced by research which provides evidence as to the importance of supporting babies’ brain development through provision of a nurturing and loving environment.

“Their team knows that investment into Infant Mental Health and Emotional Well Being is critical in the early years, because it helps to prevent murder and serious violence in our communities.”