Installation of Officers

City of Londonderry No 4 District have installed their new officers for the coming year.

They met on Tuesday in the Memorial Hall, the meeting was opened by LOL 871 WM Bro Thompson, who welcome everyone and a special welcome was extended to the City Grand Master Rt Wor Bro James Hetherington and Deputy City Grand Master Wor, Bro, Maurice Devenney, as well as to No 5 District Master, Wor Bro Jack Gaibraith and Deputy City Grand Secretary, Wor Stephen Burns.

The installation of officers of the private Lodges in No 4 District (LOL 858, LOL 871 , LOL1689, LOL 1912) took place at the meeting with Rt Wor Bro James Hetherington, City Grand Master, taking the Worshipful Master’s chair; Wor Bro. Maurice Devenney took the Deputy Master’s chair and carried the Installation of officers of No 4 District.

The installation was as follows: WM, Bro William; DM, Bro Colin Miller; Chaplain, Bro Peter Ross; Secretary, Bro Graham Hepburn; Treasure, Bro Hadyen McMullen; Lectures, RT Wor Victor Wray, Wor Bro James Thompson; Tyler, Bro Branter; Foreman of Committee, WOR Bro Sam Sheppard.

The District Master of No 4 District thanked the City Grand Master and Deputy City Grand Master and the team for the way they carried out the Installation of officers and they suitably replied.

WM Bro William said the thoughts and prayers of all where with Wor Bro Ronnie White and his family at this sad time. He said Bro White was a member LOL 1087 AND No 1 District for many years, and had been very well thought of among the Brethren.

The meeting closed in peace and harmony at 9 pm, following which supper was served.