Ilex seeks approval to zone Ebrington site

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The Londonderry regeneration company Ilex has applied for outline planning permission for the rolling development of the Ebrington site over the next 15 years, which it hopes will yield an additional 1,800 jobs and £42m in additional business for the city.

Ilex wants to zone six development parcels in and around the former military barracks for a variety of uses including creative, cultural, educational, recreational and commercial.

This will be in keeping with the Ebrington Development Framework (EDF), which was completed after extensive public consultation in March 2014.

The EDF, which was completed by the consultancy firm AECOM, outlined how Ebrington would integrate with the city, ultimately supporting an additional 1,800 jobs in the city and additional Gross Value Added (GVA) of £42m.

Following this work Ilex has newly submitted an outline planning application for the proposals, including several supporting documents and a planning statement, produced by AECOM.

According to the statement: “The Ebrington development proposals are to be phased due to the large scale land uses proposed. Therefore four phases of development have been outlined. It should be noted that the residential aspects of the development are scheduled to be included at any phase for the scheme.

“However to provide a realistic timeline for construction of residential elements, 50 per cent of the residential land use has been allocated to Phase 1 i.e. opening year of the scheme (2018) and the remaining 50 per cent to Phase 2 (Design Year 2028).”

Land uses approved for phase 1a/b include a museum, commercial office space, creative industries, residential (51 apartments) and retaiI, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Referring to an “opening year development scenario” it declares that: “The opening year for the scheme is currently 2018 and it is anticipated that Phases 1a/b will be developed within this time frame.”