IKEA brings play into everyday at The Playhouse

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The Playhouse is delighted to announce that it has recently linked up with home furnishings retailer IKEA in a new partnership which has included a donation of furniture, both for its art room as well as for arts based projects.

The partnership began when The Playhouse’s famous children’s Saturday art club Design Den, upcycled a number of IKEA Belfast’s products as part of a series of art workshops.

After seeing the wonderful results, the Holywood Exchange store donated more tables to be upcycled as well as replacing chairs in The Playhouse Art Room, to enable a better space for adults and children to enjoy play together.

“We are really delighted with this new partnership working with one of the most famous furniture companies in the world” Niall Mc Caughan, Chief Executive of The Playhouse said.

“When I saw the results of Design Den gorgeous upcycling last year, I thought that IKEA would be interested in seeing how young children could take their products and turn them into individual pieces of art, which are still in use today. IKEA were surprised and delighted with the artwork.

“It’s great that a company such as this has taken an interest in our work, and also that they are now working with a leading arts organisation based in the North West. IKEA focuses on bringing the fun into every day, and that’s exactly what they’re helping us do here at The Playhouse. We can empathise with these aims, and our focus too is to help people have a better life by making arts accessible to all. Over the next few years we do hope to build on this unique partnership.”

Bob Van Geldere from IKEA Belfast, who enabled the initiative between the store and The Playhouse said: “Our products are designed to encourage a better everyday life at home, and in particularly, encouraging play and creativity so adults and children can spend quality time together. We’re delighted to be working with The Playhouse and commend their creative initiatives for local children and families.”

For more information about The Playhouse contact (028)71268027 or visit www.derryplayhouse.co.uk.