I will not besending mychild to ‘FoyleCollege’ - mum

THE parent of a pupil at Foyle and Londonderry College says she will never buy an item of uniform with the new ‘Foyle College’ badge and has vowed to send her daughter to the school with the old ‘Foyle and Londonderry’ badge intact.

Thursday, 28th July 2011, 10:10 am

Melanie Cameron is the latest to express anger at the College’s decision to re-brand as ‘Foyle College’ which was first revealed in this newspaper last August.

She told the paper: “I will never buy an item of uniform with the new badge and will remove the old badge off the blazer when it no longer fits and have it attached to the new blazer and the offending new badge removed.”

She told the Sentinel she was informed of the uniform change by letter over the Easter break.

“This badge will be on all blazers from this new incoming term and compulsory from 2012. I for one have just informed the school that I will not be sending my child to ‘Foyle College.’

“She is being taught at ‘Foyle and Londonderry’ and her badge will remain on her blazer and I will NOT be changing it,” she stated.

Last week the Sentinel reported how anger over the name change continued to reverberate amongst the unionist community. DUP MLA William Hay said many parents and past pupils had expressed concern to him about the decision to jettison ‘Londonderry’ from the school badge. But Chairman of the Foyle Board of Governors Robin Young told the Sentinel: “From Foyle’s point of view the rebrand is finished. It was in your paper last summer. Our main concern now is to get the required funding in place for the move to Clooney.”