‘I’ve got to think about my kids’

A young family from the Fountain are leaving the country after their home came under attack from marauding sectarian hoods at the weekend for the third time.

Dean Taylor, aged 28, told the Sentinel he’s had enough and is taking his partner and three children, aged five, two and one, to England.

“I’ve got to think about what’s safer for my family, my kids’ upbringing.

“I don’t want them growing up here.

“Knowing that this is the everyday situation, the way it’s going to be every year,” explained Mr Taylor.

An Afghan veteran who toured with the Irish Guards in Central Asia in 2010 and 2011, Mr Taylor, told the paper he made the drastic decision after thugs set upon his car, whilst his children were sleeping in the early hours of Saturday, September 12.

“It’s not the first time. It’s actually the third time it’s happened to myself.

“It’s got to the point now, I’ve got three young kids, I’ve got to think of them. My partner, she’s not from here.

“So we’re actually moving back to England, where I can actually provide a secure safe haven for my family.

“It’s not the first time the house was attacked with three children in the house.

“We’ve had windows smashed, we’ve had boys trying to boot in my front door.”

The PSNI confirmed it was aware of the incident.

On Saturday morning, police received a report that the rear window of a car was smashed at the Fountain during the previous night.

Police are investigating and Inspector Tony Moore said the incident is thought to have occurred at about 1am. A motive has not been established, the PSNI said.

Londonderry DUP Councillor Graham Warke said: “It is with regret and great sadness that I have learned once again of another attack on a resident from the Fountain estate.

“It is disgusting that this community is under constant attack and as a result yet another family are considering moving away, in order to feel safe in their own home.

“Residents from the Fountain have the right to live in peace and not be on constant alert of these types of attacks.

“I along with other DUP representatives will be arranging to meet senior police officers in order to discuss the security of the estate and what action plans will be put in place to safe guard The Fountain from these mindless attacks.

“Residents are calling for police action in bringing these culprits to justice. We are agreed that firm action must be taken and in light of the lack of confidence in policing due to the controversial illegal parade held in Londonderry following Peggy O’Hara funeral, the police must demonstrate that these attacks will be investigated and convictions pursued.”

Mr Taylor said: “The first time my car was smashed up the boys were trying to get in my front door as well but thankfully residents on the housing estate came to my aid straight away, as they seen me coming out the door, trying to defend my home.

“But it’s sickening to see people like myself, young families, who are most needed in these areas to generate and repopulate, are having to pack up and move away because of the situation.

“In my eyes the Troubles are meant to be a thing of the past. It’s meant to be shared future for both sides of the community. In my eyes it’s not a shared future.

“The police, I know fine rightly, they’re going to come back and say, ‘We have no evidence, we can’t progress with the investigation,’ like they did twice before.’

“I have no faith in the CCTV, I have no faith in the PSNI, because it’s going to be the same story every time, ‘Ah sorry, we haven’t got anything on camera.’”