‘I’ll fight for LGBT and reproductive rights and for investment in services across the North West’

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Londonderry Green candidate Mary Hassan says she’s a passionate advocate for LGBT equality and women’s reproductive rights but will prioritise tackling poverty and unemployment in the North West if elected.

“My priority, if elected, will be to ensure that public funding reaches the North West to tackle longstanding issues of poverty, unemployment and lack of investment in public services,” said Ms Hassan.

“Our constituency has the highest rate of child poverty and unemployment in Northern Ireland.”

She also expressed concern about the implications of a potential Brexit.

“We are concerned that free school meals may be under threat and potentially, the loss of millions of pounds in funding to the community and voluntary sector which would come as part and parcel of an exit from the EU.

“An urgent, radical response is needed and a fresh approach to bring an end to this disturbing trend –as a loud and proud Foyle woman, I will bring these issues squarely into the public eye and ensure that action is taken,” said Ms Hassan.