‘I can’t cure people of being gay, but it’s still a sin’ - Pastor Mark Bradfield

Pastor Mark Bradfield.
Pastor Mark Bradfield.

A Derry minister has denied recent media reports that he claims to cure what he terms “the sin of homosexuality”.

“I can’t cure the sin of homosexuality any more than I can cure sins like adultery, stealing, adultery or murder,” said Pastor Mark Bradfield.

“But sinners who turn to God can be led away from their sins. The Bible says these sins are wrong, but God can lead all lost sinners back to the paths of righteousness - the liar, the adulterer, the murderer and the sexual deviant.”

The 50 year-old recently held a protest gospel rally against the Derry Pride Parade.

He said: “If I had the gift of curing, I could empty the hospitals and resolve all the issues of the NHS, but I don’t - neither can I forgive sins. The power of saving sinners is open for sinners who turn to God, and the sin of homosexuality is spelt out in the Bible as wrong, along with the rest.

“The gay lobby is brilliant at propaganda, but the Bible is firm that homosexuality is a sin. God can take and change them. I know of activists who have been changed. The gay lobby doesn’t like to hear that message.”

The gospel rally in Derry lasted about an hour during the Gay Pride event, and consisted mainly of members of the Campsie Church and Londonderry Free Presbyterian Church. They held up sinners’ placards and preached via a loud hailer system.

Pastor Bradfield, who worked in the ICT sector until 12 years ago, said it was the “falsehood of the gay propaganda that led me to the evangelical Christian ministry”.

Ironically, he was baptised at Armagh Road Presbyterian Church. The current minister Rev Christina Bradfield rocked the Presbyterian Church in Ireland when she agreed with the result of the referendum in the Republic which came out in favour of same-sex marriage. She described it as compassionate and supporting equality.

Pastor Bradfield said, “I was re-baptised 12 years ago into the true evangelical church and reject Mrs Bradley’s statement which shows a disregard for the Scriptures. Homosexuality is a sin.”

Foyle Gay Pride Festival organisers described Pastor Bradfield’s remarks as “dangerous and damaging”, with spokeswoman Sha Gillespie claiming, “When you consider the rate of suicides among young gay people, comments like these are far from helpful”.