‘I am tired of talking about depression in whispers’

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Aware volunteer, Jarlath McCreanon, last year decided to fit out a bright yellow car bearing the charity’s mission statement of “overcoming depression, changing lives” in order to take the message to the streets in a very visible way.

Jarlath, a sufferer from depression for three decades, said he was sick of the illness being spoken of behind closed doors.

He said he hoped the car could act as a lightning rod for people who may feel the need to open up.

“The car, I came up with that idea last year because, thirty years down the line, I am tired of talking about it in whispers, I really am,” he explained.

“I’m sick of people making jokes about it. I’m sick of people never talking about it and then committing suicide. I believe that it has to be out there.

“That vehicle has the word depression on it and I don’t mind parking it or driving it anywhere.”

Jarlath said he believed the car had already functioned as a talking point and allowed people to come forward and discuss their illness.

“The amount of attention it attracts. I try to make it look like a rally car to attract young people because there are so many young people out there who won’t talk about depression, because it’s not ‘cool’ but young people are coming up and talking about it.

“I’ve experienced people coming up to me and talking about the car and before they leave they’ve told me they suffer from depression,” he explained.