Hussey raises gritting dearth

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Speaking at Monday evening’s Corporate and Regulatory Services Committee of Strabane District Council, Mr Hussey, Vice Chairman, said: “Over the weekend I had been contacted by many in regard what appears to be a delay in applying grit to many roads in and around the Castlederg area and these were reported to Roads Service.

“I would also know that other Councillors will have received similar reports from throughout our area.”

Mr Hussey said: “I would ask that Council seek an immediate response from Roads Service as to what may have happened this past weekend that caused concern to so many throughout the area and more importantly to seek assurances that this will not be an issue in coming days as we undoubtedly will face continuing adverse weather conditions.”

Councillors agreed with Mr Hussey and it was also pointed out that there appears to be less material or a lesser grade of grit/salt actually being applied to road surfaces. This issue was to be added to Council’s inquiry to Road Service.

Castlederg is a well-known Northern Ireland cold spot. In December 2010 - the coldest on record in NI - Castlederg posted the lowest temperature (-18.7C) on December 23.