Hughes says Strathfoyle needs a play park too

Swings and roundabouts? What about Strathfoyle?
Swings and roundabouts? What about Strathfoyle?

Strathfoyle community worker Paul Hughes says the announcement of new play park provision for Irish Street and Top of the Hill is positive but has asked: what about the children of the Enagh ward?

He said: “Strathfoyle residents are desperate for help to highlight the needs of children and young people in the area and to highlight that all children have a right to play.

“We at Enagh Youth Forum have written to Koulla Yiasouma NI Commissioner for Children and Young People requesting that she come and visit Strathfoyle and to ask for her help to lobby local Council so that more is done to ensure that Strathfoyle gets the play park it so badly needs and deserves.”

He said he looked forward to welcoming the Commissioner to Strathfoyle for a tour of the estate to see for herself the inadequate amenities for young people.

“We are hoping Koulla will come and meet with us and persuade and convince Council that there is a real and overwhelming need for a play park here now.”