Holy Week drinking - restricted since 1833: When do the pubs shut?

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Police in Londonderry and Limavady are warning the public not to come a cropper of the Easter licensing laws, which have restrcited Holy Week boozing in Ireland and later Northern Ireland since 1833 due to the period’s special Christian significance.

Constable Paul Larkin, the licensing officer, said police were keen to see that people enjoyed themselves without getting into trouble and without causing annoyance to others.

“Police will be watching out for offences and inspecting off-licences, licensed premises and places noted for illegal public drinking,” he said.

Here’s a reminder of when the taps and optics are plugged over the Easter period.

On Good Friday the hours are 5pm to 11pm, with half-an-hour drinking-up time. No additional hours are allowed. Off-licences may open from 8am to 11pm.

On Saturday, the hours are 11.30am to 11pm, with half-an-hour drinking-up time. Premises with an Article 44 licence or a late licence can stay open to midnight, with half-an-hour drinking-up time.

The permitted hours for Easter Sunday are 12.30pm to 10pm with half-an-hour drinking-up time. No additional hours are allowed and off-licences are not permitted to open.

Normal opening hours apply to Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday.