‘HMRC has shown its contempt for staff’

Foyle MP Mark Durkan
Foyle MP Mark Durkan

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has strongly criticised the Treasury’s decision to close local tax offices in Northern Ireland by 2021 - including Foyle House in Londonderry – and operate from a single facility in Belfast.

Mr Durkan said: “This new announcement on top of the recent job-losing restructuring will be greeted by anger and cynicism.

“There are many performance challenges for the due and efficient collection of all tax which will not be dealt by the contraction of the Revenue & Customs service and its concentration in fewer locations.

“Yet again we have a move which shows contempt for good staff, for local customers and for the regional economy.

“Treasury Ministers need to listen not just to the valid concerns and grievances from people here but also to the questions raised by many reports about the performance capacity of the Revenue & Customs service being strategically diminished.

“Ministers are presiding over an approach which is shrinking public employment, damaging public service and compromising public finances for the future.”