High profile cases can’t be jeopardised by social media: Campbell

Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell

DUP MP Gregory Campbell says it’s imperative high profile legal proceedings aren’t jeopardised by jurors and witnesses publishing information on social media networks.

Addressing the Attorney-General, Jeremy Wright at Westminster, Mr Campbell asked: “What steps can be taken to ensure that the judiciary, as well as members of the public, understand that at the commencement of trials it is absolutely imperative that no proceedings are communicated via social media, particularly in relation to very high profile legal proceedings?”

Mr Wright replied: “In all cases, the judiciary need to give clear directions that social media is to be used cautiously and, for jurors, not to be used at all.

“It is important for jurors to understand that, which is why we have put in statute offences that jurors may commit if they use social media to communicate what they are doing, or in other ways behave inappropriately and not in accordance with their oath. We will always look at ways to explain that more clearly to all who are involved in court proceedings.”