Help kind-hearted student Hannah travel to Borneo to help others

Hannah Deane who is bound for Borneo this summer.
Hannah Deane who is bound for Borneo this summer.

While many teenage girls will be planning their summer jobs or choosing which music festivals to attend, one Eglinton student is making preparations to travel to Borneo to work on a social project.

16-year-old Hannah Deane is setting off in July on the Borneo Expedition with award-winning expedition specialist Camps International along with school colleagues and teachers from Limavady Grammar School.

Talented dancer Hannah will be involved in a range of sustainable and meaningful community and conservation projects which will help to improve the lives of local Sabah people.

An active member of Londonderry Musical Society, GCSE student Hannah said: “I am really interested in learning about other cultures and experiencing a different way of life. It will be so interesting living in the rural community close to the local people. It will give me a good opportunity to make a difference to the lives of people who are less fortunate than me.

“I have to raise close to £5,000 and a large part of the funds raised will be going to help the local people of Borneo. The whole trip will hopefully give me hands on practical experience of teamwork and I have the opportunity of completing an expedition portfolio on my return which will give me 70 UCAS points.

“I am also really looking forward to working with and helping the young people in the local schools and the trek through the dense jungles of Borneo will be really exciting. I am least looking forward to all the injections that I have to get before I depart on July 1!

“I have been working hard raising funds for the trip, running car boot sales, bun sales, car washing and doing bag packing but I still have a way to go.”

Hannah’s mum Christine has started a Bonus Ball Lottery to help Hannah meet her target for fundraising. Balls are priced at £10 and can be paid through Paypal Contact Christine Deane via Facebook to book a lottery number or email her on

Or you can donate to Hannah’s fundraising via, just search for Hannah Deane and use the password borneo.