Slimming success for Mum and Baby

Claire before
Claire before

FINDING out that you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your weight loss dreams, as local yummy mummy Clare Anderson found out.

Clare had gained over two stone during her first pregnancy, weighing 18 stone 8 lbs. Having lost a bit of weight at home she found she needed the inspiration and support of fellow slimmers, so Claire decided to join a local Slimming World group.

With the help of the local slimming club, Clare went on to lose six stone and 10 lb to get to her ‘Personal Achievement Target’ – only to discover that she was pregnant with her second child.

Determined not to let history repeat itself, she decided to continue attending the group. She was ‘over-the-moon’ to discover that her hopes of keeping herself healthy and keeping the weight off, since the food plan approved by her local slimming club was approved by the Royal Midwives Association.

The food plan from Slimming World, Clare’s local club, focusses on lifestyle changes rather than diet.

Clare has provided some diary entries from her time slimming in a bid to encourage others to not give up on looking after their weight while pregnant.

At 14 weeks, she wrote: “I’ve told my class that I’m pregnant, and they are all delighted and asked me if I am going to continue and I said ‘yes’, my consultant assured me that Slimming World would be behind me 100 per cent. I feel more at ease now and confident I am going to be healthy this time round.”

A few weeks later, she said: “Aggh... I’ve really low blood pressure - I am really low and feel like fainting sometimes, really hope this picks up again. On the up side I can eat normally because my food optimising plan was all the things I loved to eat before.”

At 24 weeks pregnant, she wrote: “Hate when people say ‘oh you lost all that weight and going to put it all on again!’ I’m confident that I won’t gain massive weight, I am going to keep following my food optimising plan, this baby will be well fed- I do nothing but eat.”

At 38 weeks, Clare added: “ I feel like a whale, I am still in a ‘be careful’ mode when I enjoy treats and chocolate. I try to keep active. When pregnant it isn’t about ‘losing’ weight, its about ‘keeping’ to a healthy weight gain. I have confidence in Slimming World, I’ve ate the same way I always have- never hungry- never stuck for choice.”

On September 7, 2011 Clare’s baby was born. She wrote: “I’ve had a lovely baby boy on the 24th August 2011- he was 9lb 1oz- I’m telling you he was well fed. I am thinking of going back to group in the next few weeks and getting stuck back into it- some old habits are creeping back in again.”

Just over a week later, her total weight gain from her target was just 13lb, prompting Clare to say: “Okay I can deal with that, not too bad, really chuffed with that in fact, I owe that to Slimming World, without it goodness knows how much I’d have on. Any new mummy wanting in shape I’d say Slimming World- give it a go. People are saying ‘Clare you look great, can’t believe you just had Nathan’, neither can I!”

By October 17, 2011, she was saying: “Really loving being back at group, I’m like an old timer that’s never left, some old faces, some new, all here for the same reason. Being pregnant or having a baby doesn’t mean you give up, Slimming World backs you 100 per cent, like my family- a big family mind you.”

Eight weeks after returning to the group- Slimming Success, Clare was back at her Personal Achievement Target weight. She said that she ‘truly believes’ that both joining and continuing with her local slimming club was the best decision she ever made and she encourages anyone out there that’s not happy with their weight, pregnant or not, pop along to their nearest Slimming World group.

For more information on Slimming World, contact Kelly on 07821317568 or log onto to find out where your nearest group is.