Altnagelvin starts posting info on hip replacements

ALTNAGELVIN and the North West Independent Hospital in Ballykelly have begun posting information on hip, knee, ankle, elbow and shoulder replacements on the largest joint registry in the world.

The National Joint Registry (NJR) held more than 1.3 million records when Altnagelvin and Ballykelly joined on Friday (February 1).

Recording operation details, along with patient information by consent, gives the NJR the ability to monitor implant and surgeon performance and highlight areas of poor and best practice.

“Northern Ireland is a powerful addition to what is already a mature dataset,” commented NJR lead Elaine Young.

“The more comprehensive the data we have, the more finely-tuned our analysis can become and the better support for patients and clinicians we can provide.

“We are extremely pleased Northern Ireland has joined the NJR and look forward to working with them.”

Health and Social Care Board Chief Executive John Compton said: “By joining the National Joint Registry clinicians in Northern Ireland will have access to greater information to support them in improving care for patients who need joint replacements.”

Five Northern Ireland NHS hospitals will contribute data to the NJR with immediate effect, plus three independent hospitals: ·