3% cancer rate in one city ward

cancer cells
cancer cells

The number of cancer deaths in Londonderry rose steadily from 2007 whilst malignancy rates were recorded at three per cent in some wards over 2010-2012.

Figures published yesterday by the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry (NICR) show the number of cancer deaths in the city rose from 555 over 2007-2009; to 578 over 2008-2010; to 628 over 2009-2011; to 657 over 2010-2012.

From the NICR data the Sentinel has identified the worst affected parts of the city although every single area suffered deaths in double figures over the two years 2010-2012.

NICR also collected cancer incidence totals by ward. The ward worst affected by malignant cancer diagnoses was Pennyburn, which had a three per cent incidence rate over the two years.

But this was closely followed by Newbuildings which suffered a 2.9 per cent rate.

That’s an incidence of cancer for one in every 34 people in the village between 2010 and 2012.

Newbuildings was closely followed by Ballynashallog (2.8 per cent); Lisnagelvin (2.7 per cent) and Clondermot (2.6 per cent), each of which suffered a relatively high incidence rate.

There was an incidence for one in every 40 residents in several other wards over the two years. These included Ebrington, The Diamond and The Strand, all of which had rates of 2.5 per cent.

Other wards with rates of over two per cent included: Caw (2.3 per cent); Carn Hill (2.2 per cent); Rosemount (2.1 per cent); and Shantallow East (2 per cent).

According to the data the number of incidences of cancer did not necessarily mean more people died per capita in those areas.

The death rate per capita in each ward is revealed by the Sentinel below based on the NICR figures and population estimates from the 2011 census: Altnagelvin (0.5 per cent); Ballynashallog (1.4 per cent); Beechwood (1 per cent); Brandywell (0.9 per cent); Carn Hill (0.8 per cent); Caw (1 per cent); Clondermot (1 per cent); Creggan Central (0.7 per cent); Creggan South (0.8 per cent); Crevagh (0.4 per cent); Culmore (0.5 per cent); Ebrington (0.9 per cent); Eglinton (0.4 per cent); Enagh (0.6 per cent); Foyle Springs (0.5 per cent); Holly Mount (0.5 per cent); Kilfennan (0.6 per cent); Lisnagelvin (0.6 per cent); Newbuildings (0.8 per cent); Pennyburn (1 per cent); Rosemount (0.8 per cent); Shantallow East (0.6 per cent); Shantallow West (0.3 per cent); Springtown (0.6 per cent); The Strand (0.7 per cent); The Diamond (0.9 per cent); Victoria (0.4 per cent); and Westland (0.9 per cent).