Hay blasts huge pay of charity bosses

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Willie Hay says it’s unjustifiable some charity staff are earning more than the Prime Minister David Cameron.

Lord Hay of Ballyore raised the huge salaries earned by some charity bosses in a debate in the House of Lords.

He said: “My Lords, we have huge salaries being paid to senior charity staff right across the United Kingdom.

“Some of these staff are being paid more than the Prime Minister. How can that be justified at a time when many of these charities are struggling financially? Can I ask the Minister whether any of the money paid to charities from government grants goes towards salaries?”

Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office, Lord Bridges of Headley, said: “Part of the process that we are trying to ensure is that these grants are properly audited and that we know exactly where the money goes. Regarding the salaries that charities pay to their senior employees, that is obviously a matter for the charities, but I am sure that they will be noting the considerable public scrutiny that they are under—and rightly so.”