‘Happiness’ guru applauds volunteers

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VOLUNTEERS for the UK City of Culture have been praised for their willingness to give of their time to secure the success of the UK City of Culture celebrations.

Speaking at the first North West Volunteer Centre ‘Volunteer Ambassador Mobilisation and Leadership Session’ held at St Augustine’s Church on Monday evening, Glenn Hinds, told the 50-plus volunteers who attended that he was both heartened and impressed by people’s willingness to give of themselves and their desire to make the 2013 celebrations a positive experience for visitors and residents alike.

A motivational coach and happiness Guru, Glenn Hinds, has become part of the Volunteer Team himself, and has offered his services this year to help support, motivate and create a positive volunteer experience.

The ultimate aim of the NWVC is to identify those with the potential to undertake a leadership role within the ‘Culture Crew’ Volunteer Team.

From that 40 volunteer Ambassadors will be appointed, and part of the motivation session was to provide the potential ambassadors with further information on their role and the selection process.

“My job is to support the volunteers of the City of Culture 2013 and the first thing I recognised was the great will that individuals have in making themselves available to create a positive experience and that idea and that attitude is quite infectious. When people do these things around us it lifts the spirits of those around them which adds to the events,” he said.

Stressing the importance of the role of volunteers in creating a positive atmosphere, Mr Hinds said it was also important for people to use the City of Culture events to stretch themselves and sample new things.

“Part of what the celebrations are about is us stretching ourselves culturally and then spreading out across the threshold of the other cultures in town and discovering who we are. It is an opportunity to be stretched and as we get to know each other learn something of ourselves,” he said.

Those who want to learn more should log on to facebook.com/glennhinds.