Glen man accused of attacking PSNI

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Bail has been refused in the case of a Londonderry man facing four charges of assaulting police officers during his arrest on December 28.

The court heard that Terence Doherty (39), of Cedar Street, has 44 previous convictions for assaulting police.

The latest incident came after police were called to a house on Cedar Street by the defendant’s sister who claimed she had been assaulted by her brother.

The woman told police she that Doherty had shown up at the property in an agitated state and was highly intoxicated.

Fearing she would be assaulted, the woman entered the property and lifted her phone to call the police.

She alleges that her brother then spat in her face three times, grabbed her by the throat, grabbed the phone from her hands and punched her in the faced before kicking her around the shins and thighs.

When police arrived at the house, Doherty spat in the face of the three officers at the scene. He was placed in the back of a police vehicle where he spat on the floor and when he arrived at the custody suite, he spat at the custody sergeant and another person.

A defence solicitor said his client maintained that he had been acting in self defence following a run in with his sister - who he usually got on well with.

As regards spitting at the police officers, the solicitor said his client had asked that he be given a mask at the outset of his arrest.