Give your arteries an MoT at Gordon’s

Most people understand the benefits of having a regular dental check or eye test, so why not get tested to find out how healthy your arteries are?

Up until recently this would have been nearly impossible to do. Most GPs offer cholesterol and blood pressure tests, however, statistics indicate that 60 per cent of those who sufer a heart attack have normal brachial(arm) blood pressure and normal cholesterol levels. These tests don’t really reveal if there is any damage to the arteries or not. Up to now people often don’t reaise they may have a problem.

Cardiohealth (NI) is the first and only company in Northern Ireland with the state-of-the-art Arteriograph, which is designed to detect any damage being done to the heart through lifestyle and diet. This test is a little bit like giving your Arteries an MoT.

The Arteriograph measures parameters indicating if you are at risk of a heart attack or stroke. These include: Central Systolic Blood Pressure (Blood pressure at the heart); brachial augmentation (early damage and clogging of small arteries); pulse wave velocity (stiffening of the main arteries/advanced stage atherosclerosis).

The test identifies problems and a detailed report with advice on diet and natural health solutions are then provided that can help enhance your cardiovascular health.

Cardiohealth NI’s director, David McCollum is a qualified physiotherapist, naturopath and nutritionist and has worked in the health field for 25 years and operates heart screening clinics exclusively in conjunction with Gordons Chemists province-wide.

Gordons now offers clinics in 16 different locations Province-wide.

The next clinic is in Gordons Londonderry, Wednesday, April 23, telephone 028 7126 4502; Gordons, Limavady, Tuesday, May 6, telephone 028 7776 3438.

Please contact your local Gordons Chemist to find out where the nearest location to you is and the next available clinic date!

The test is suitable for anyone over 16 or anyone who has a family history of heart disease, kidney disease or diabetes, who smokes, drinks or is overweight and/or participates in or is returning to sport.

The price is only £50. Our motto is ‘Prevention before intervention’. People can invest in their health now or pay for their illness later. Don’t hesitate, book now it could be your best investment ever. Telephone 07942818538 for more information.