Give it some stick with the White Can Walk

The ‘White Cane Walk’ will take place on Tuesday, May 6.

Members of the North West Campaigners Active Network group are holding the awareness raising event in Londonderry entitled, ‘Give It Some Stick’.

Through personal experience, members of the Campaigners Active Network in the north west are increasingly frustrated as to the lack of awareness among the general public regarding the importance and significance of the white cane for those who have eyesight challenges.

To that end, they have organised the ‘Give it Some Stick’ event on Tuesday next, which will get underway at 2.30pm at Embrington Square. Those taking part are asked to be there by 2.15pm.

The event will be a walk across the Peace Bridge by cane users and their supporters.

Further information available from Shaun Canny, CAN assistant for the north west.

Cane users are urged to take part.