Girls to get gunged

YMCA Ladies Football Club have had fantastic success in the last 12 months with their U-16s winning the NI Tesco Cup and representing Northern Ireland at the UK Finals in Bolton and their seniors gaining promotion to the top tier of women's football in the province by winning the NIWFA League Championship.

This resulted in them playing in the NIWFA Premier League next season!

However, a spokesman said: “This success has come at a cost and the cost is significant when one considers travel expenses, new kit, training equipment and match balls etc.”

Due to the current economic climate sponsorship is very hard to get but YMCA have come up with a very innovative and novel fundraising idea. YMCA Ladies have teamed up with a local entertainment company Blazer Entertainments to hold a Gunge the Girl contest on Friday 16 October at the YMCA, Drumahoe.

The idea is that six girls from the team have been "chosen" by an independent committee to "stand for election" for the right to be gunged in an 8ft glass tank!

Voting slips have been produced with pictures of the six candidates on them and votes will cost 1 each. Each member of the club will be "canvassing" the public for each of the girls and when the votes are counted on Friday 16 October. The girl with the most votes will be gunged. Voting is expected to be very close and a split decision would not be a surprise! Rumour has it that more than one gungeing might take place on the night and a large crowd are expected to be in attendance for this event.

The spokesman said: “Everyone is welcome to attend the show and witness what is likely to be one of many fundraising events in the North-West and in Ireland as a whole, featuring the GUnge Tank. The tank has proved very popular in England at fundraising events and is expected to take off here also. YMCA are delighted to team up with Blazer Entertainments who specialise in all types of entertainment including Karaoke, Discos and of course the Gunge Tank for this event.”

It will take place at 9.30pm on Friday, October 16, at the YMCA. Admission is free but donations would be accepted.