Get involved in community plan for Waterside and Faughan DEAs

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Hundreds of citizens from across Derry and Strabane gathered at the Guildhall recently to receive an update on the progress to date in creating the strategic Community Plan for the new Council area.

On June 4 the Community Planning process was officially launched and over 1,700 members of the public, community and voluntary organisations, children and young people, businesses and statutory partners have had their say on the long term vision for the city and district.

The outcomes from the thematic groups have now been agreed and were introduced at the plenary event at the Guildhall as devised by the participants of the Community Planning thematic groups. The level of engagement in the process, along with the baseline information and citizen survey findings, will ensure that the outcomes and actions in the emerging Community Plan are a true reflection of the new Council area’s priorities and aspirations.

Derry City and Strabane District Council have endeavoured to make the engagement process as accessible as possible allowing stakeholders the opportunity to input their views through a variety of platforms.

The Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District, Councillor Elisha McCallion, emphasised the importance of Community Planning and described the next steps: “The Community Plan, once completed, will help ensure that by working together and by pooling resources we can improve social, economic and environmental wellbeing for all of our citizens and businesses.

“We will now test the actions for economic impact and assess the plan to ensure that it will address inequalities.

“We will also be working to ensure that Derry and Strabane maintains strong links with the emerging cross border North West plan and the new Programme for Government.”

The Mayor called on everyone to now get involved with Local Community Plans.

“I’m delighted to announce that we are now launching the creation of eight Local Community Planning groups to develop eight local plans.

“We want to bring the momentum created as part of the strategic planning process now to a local level. It’s extremely important everyone takes part so we can address local needs at a local level.”

Eight local Community Planning Groups are based in the various District Electoral Areas of: Foyleside, The Moor, Derg, Sperrin, Faughan. Waterside, Ballyarnett and Strabane

Four meetings for each local group are likely to take place from February to Summer 2016.

Each group will cover the following areas.

Consider and agree the baseline position and main issues, needs and inequalities to be addressed at the local level.

Identify local actions that contribute to the over-arching priority needs and outcomes of the strategic community plan.

And identify and agree action plans including lead partners, timescale for delivery, resources required and potential sources of funding.

Citizens are able to sign up to take part in their Local Community Plan by visiting the website at the following url: