Gaping Caw potholes have been tarcmacced over

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A number of gaping pot-holes at the Caw roundabout on Londonderry’s Eastbank have been tarmacced over, prompting praise from a local elected representative.

Waterside SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly welcomed the swift action that has been taken by TransportNI in repairing what he described as the potentially dangerous potholes.

Mr Reilly, who contacted TransportNI to alert them about the hazardous pothole, said: “I welcome the swift action taken by Transport NI in repairing a sizeable pothole at the entrance to Waterfoot Park from the Caw Roundabout.

“This pothole was slowing the traffic exiting this busy roundabout and causing a hazard for motorists using the lane towards the Foyle Bridge.”

The local SDLP representative said that it wasn’t only a hazard for commuters but also for the local residents who live in a nearby housing estate and the temporary residents of the Waterfoot Hotel.

“It also had obvious issues for those visiting the local hotel and residents of Waterfoot Park,” he said.

“I therefore welcome the prompt attention this received from Transport NI as the carriageway has now been resurfaced,” he added.

It’s just the latest in a number of traffic problems that have been raised at the busy Londonderry thoroughfare.

Last year it was revealed that motorists were waiting up to four minutes to access the Caw roundabout from Waterfoot Park during the morning rush hour.

Traffic surveys carried out on all approaches to Caw roundabout, including the Waterfoot Park access to the roundabout showed that approximately 5,100 vehicles accessed the Caw roundabout, of which 122 emerge from Waterfoot Park.

The Department of Regional Development (DRD)indicated that it felt that the Caw roundabout was able to satisfactorily accommodate the large volume of traffic and that there were no proposals to carry out any immediate improvements.