Free advice for local charities


Community and voluntary groups in Londonderry and Strabane are being encouraged to attend a series of free clinics to make them aware of new legislation relating to charity law.

Organised by Derry City Council’s Community Relations team, the awareness sessions have been set up to assist groups understand how changes to Charity Law impacts them.

All community and voluntary groups are now required to register with the NI Charity Commission.

The commission is gradually requesting all groups to demonstrate their good governance and the public benefit that they have.

Sue Divin, Community relations officer with Derry City Council said: “Getting the ‘Public benefit’ statement ready is something all groups can do now to prepare for being ‘called forward.’

“It can be straightforward if you have advice, but daunting if you don’t. The session will provide an opportunity to talk through the work of your group, look specifically at your constitution and give advice on writing your ‘public benefit’ statement and any other issues.”

Places are issued on a first come first served basis and booking is by advance registration only.

As all local groups will be responsible for this process it was decided that advice clinics would be beneficial in providing assistance and guidance.

The information sessions will be held at 30 minute intervals between 9am and 5pm on Tuesday (February 3) at the Shared Future Centre.

Facilitated by the Greater Shantallow Area Partnership, all sessions must be booked in advance.

The deadline for bookings is Wednesday (January 28). To book a lot please contact: tel: 71365151 ext 8223.