Foyle College set to rebrand

GOVERNORS at Foyle and Londonderry College are set to rebrand in time for the school's 400th anniversary in 2017, with the school being known as "Foyle College, Londonderry".

The Board of Governors has agreed to consider renaming the historic institution and this is the most likely option under review, the Sentinel understands.

However its legal name will continue to be Foyle and Londonderry College.

The decision comes as the school prepares for its long-overdue move to a new "Springham" campus in Clooney.

The transformation may even be completed before pupils and staff take up residence at the new school, hopefully at the beginning of the 2013 academic year.

The proposed re-brand will reflect popular usage in Londonderry where the school is almost universally known as "Foyle College".

But although the school is to re-brand, the official "Foyle and Londonderry College" is protected by statute and will remain the school's legal title.

This stems from the Foyle and Londonderry College Act 1976, which facilitated the merger of "Foyle College" and "Londonderry High School."

Previously "Foyle College" existed as an entity for over 150 years between 1814 and 1976 with the Foyle College Act in 1896 giving the institution statutory force.

Foyle Governor Robin Young confirmed the "Foyle and Londonderry College" title will remain the school's legal title.

"As a legal entity it isn't going to change. The Governors felt that coming up to the 400th anniversary it was time to consider a re-brand, as any body considers re-branding," said Mr Young.

Mr Young said the most likely option being considered at present was a change to "Foyle College, Londonderry."

He said he had spoken to local politicians and civic leaders of all stripes about the possibility before the move was approved and the response had been overwhelmingly positive.