Fountain residents discuss Peace Wall future

The Peace Wall at The Fountain
The Peace Wall at The Fountain
  • Fountain and Bishop St Residents met in Donegal
  • New access point under discussion
  • All peace walls in Ulster to be removed by 2024

Fountain and Bishop Street residents have come together for a ground-breaking new process to discuss the future of the notorious peace wall which divides their communities.

The two groups met up for a two-day seminar at the Inishowen Gateway Hotel last week to begin the process.

And while the residents of the Fountain remain adamant that the peace wall should remain in place for the foreseeable future, discussions were held as to how the area could be improved for the benefit of all residents.

All peace walls in Northern Ireland are due to be completely dismantled by 2024.

Some proposals discussed at last week’s meeting were the removal of the Perspex sheeting on the existing wall which blocks the view into and from the Fountain to the neighbouring area.

A new access point near the existing one at Bishop Gate which would allow pedestrian access on both sides of Bishop Street.

One of the key discussion points was what needs to happen to make people feel safe and secure.

The meeting was the start of a wide-ranging process which aims to involve all residents of the Fountain, Bishop Street and other interested parties.

The next meeting is being held next Wednesday night firstly at Bishop Street Community Centre from 6pm and then continuing at the fountain Primary School at 7.30pm.

A spokesman for the Triax Peace Walls Project, which is co-ordinating the meetings said: “The second meeting is designed to pick up where we left off in Buncrana.

“But it’s also a chance for people who couldn’t make it to the first meeting to find out what was discussed.

“We want to have the biggest consultation that we can.”

The dismantling of the peace wall was not even discussed at last week’s meeting, nor will it be on the agenda any time soon.

The Triax Peace Walls Project is supported by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and the International Fund For Ireland