Forum delivering youth justice project

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Enagh Youth Forum recently secured funding from the Youth Justice Agency (YJA) to deliver an eight week Early Intervention Transformation Programme with 20 young people aged 14-20 within the Strathfoyle area.

Eamonn O’Donnell (BreakOut Project Youth Support Worker) said: “This project has been great so far with young people not only learning new skills and enjoying activities but also being presented with a ‘respectful challenge’ to think about anti-social behavior and the impact it has on themselves, their families and the wider community.

“There is loads happening during March and I would encourage everyone to get involved.”

According to Mr O’Donnell the project is “progressing well and so far our ‘Include Us Project’ has achieved: 10 young people have achieved star one kayaking accreditation; ten young people have participated in coasteering; sixteen young people participate in weekly group work sessions exploring a range of issues; including anti-social behaviour, drugs and substance awareness; railway safety, exploring relationships, racism and online safety.

“As we move into March 2016, Enagh Youth Forum is calling on local young people to get involved and benefit from the project and activities.”