Fort George to rebrand as Catalyst Inc

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The science park at Fort George is being rebranded as as Catalyst Inc as part of a decade long £100m investment plan.

Norman Apsley, Chief Executive of Catalyst Inc explained that the new name reflects their “catalytic impact on the development of technology and knowledge based businesses and the fact that they are totally inclusive in their support for everyone from a start-up to a highly evolved business”.

“Catalyst Inc is built upon the deep belief that in Northern Ireland we have a community of innovators so powerful its people can change the world,” he said.

“We provide the home, networks and empathy to support this talent and ambition to develop world leading products and services that will transform Northern Ireland into one of the most entrepreneurial knowledge economies in Europe,” he explained.

“Everyone talks about the need to grow the economy and drive our expertise and skills in technology as it is applied to every business sector.

“What we have done at Catalyst Inc is to provide the right environment for that ambition to take hold and to prosper.

“Through our collaborative approach we have developed significant and successful partnerships. Our success in securing EU Interreg funding for the development of our North West campus with Letterkenny Institute of Technology is one such example.

“Now is the time to accelerate the generation and exploitation of knowledge to create competitive and compelling new products and services to sell to the world at large”.

Already 160 companies are served across NI including Citi, Novosco, Dow, Path XL, 8over8, Wurkhouse, Taggled, IRP Commerce, Automated Intelligence, IBM and Qualcom.