Former councillor dies

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SDLP MP for Foyle, Mark Durkan has expressed his sadness at the death over the weekend of Wilf White, former SDLP Waterside Councillor.

Mr Durkan said: “Wilf was a hearty and hardy man who lived a full and varied life. He cared a lot for people and that was reflected not just in his political vocation and his trade union support, but in his day to day engagement with others.

“He was full of stories which reflected his humour and his wide experience, of which he often downplayed his own strength of character. He liked to play the gruff Yorkshire man but he will be remembered for his warmth and for the way he adopted Derry and was adopted by Derry.”

“As well as his service and experience in the Royal Navy, Wilf worked at the Post Office and his recollections about both were always testimonies to the people he met and worked with. As a Postal driver, he was hijacked and threatened by the IRA and as an SDLP Councillor, he was targeted by Loyalist paramilitaries.

“As an Englishman married into Derry, he was comfortable, in spite of any risks, in espousing an Irish Nationalist outlook, of upholding Civil Rights, standing for social justice and opposing violence from any quarter. My sympathy is extended to his wife Anna, his children Nuala and Dermot and entire family circle.”